Nintendo Switch Console Gets YouTube App, Finally

A few days ago, a little mistake from Nintendo America suggested that YouTube was about to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. Last night, via Twitter, Nintendo confirmed the availability of the Google’s video streaming platform on Switch console, which is now accessible directly from the hybrid system. It is a free application, of course, and is downloadable directly from the console’s app store.

YouTube app is finally available on the Nintendo Switch console

In more details about the app, the YouTube application for Nintendo Switch requires just under 100 MB of space. Navigation is fully tactile on the console screen, with a resolution necessarily limited to 720p. As for the interface, there is no surprise as we find the same GUI as in the other YouTube apps.

That’s an excellent news for Nintendo Switch console’s users who are now enjoying the addition of very sought-after app to the Nintendo console’s app store. Some people would like to see other applications coming soon, starting with the Netflix app which should arrive, eventually, as the company is exploring a deal with Nintendo for some time now.

What’s next for Nintendo Switch?

As for what’s next for the Nintendo Switch console, the Japanese company is counting on the games that would boost the sales during the last month of this year. In particular, they rely on the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate which is scheduled to roll out on December 7th. On that occasion, Nintendo will offer a collector’s bundle, but players can also count on third-party manufacturers to provide various accessories.

In addition to the games produced by Nintendo itself, Nintendo Switch console can also count on a few recent releases, such as Dark Souls Remastered and the recently released Diablo III. Of course, before Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon Let’s Go should also boost the Nintendo Switch sales.

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