YouTube VR (Daydream) 1.15.57 for Android Is Now Available

Virtual reality became a quite popular technology nowadays, even though it is still under development to make it better and more accessible to users worldwide. Now, you can experience your favorite YouTube channels and videos from your favorite content creators in virtual reality, thanks to YouTube VR. Today, YoutTube VR (Daydream) 1.15.57 for Android came out with several improvements.

YouTube VR is an app that transforms any video on the renowned Google’s video streaming platform into a virtual reality experience and reimagines YouTube platform as a 3D environment you can experience from the inside.

According to the official YouTube VR app’s release note, YouTube VR lets you:

  • Explore all the videos on YouTube in virtual reality, supporting everything from 3D, 360 videos to standard rectangular videos;
  • Connect with YouTube VR to get a full experience that permits you to view your subscriptions, playlists, watch history, and so on;
  • Choose to watch the videos along with others, discuss what you see with your friends live, and enjoy a shared experience all in the same virtual room;

YouTube VR (Daydream) 1.15.57 for Android Is Now Available

YouTube VR is obviously an excellent app for the fans of virtual reality as it allows users to immerse in the universe of 360-degree videos to be in the center of the action. In order to boost the VR experience, the YouTube virtual reality app also comes with spatial audio in which the distance and depth play a significant role in what and how you hear the sound in your VR headset, depending on where you look.

YouTube VR for Android also comes with support for voice commands, so turning on your microphone would be ideal for easing up your browsing experience within the app. Also, you can use a keyboard to fulfill the searches.

YouTube VR (Daydream) 1.15.57 for Android is now available with several stability improvements and bug fixes to enhance the user experience within the app.

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