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Customers are the most important part for any business, and that is why it is vital to build a good relationship with them. For this, you need to use the right tools. Customer relationship management is a type of business software that can help you with that.

The good news is that there are plenty of programs available, and you just need to find one that is a match for your business. We have prepared a list of CRM alternatives so you will be able to compare their features, prices and extra functions.


EngageBay is best CRM for small business an award-winning product  for nurturing and engaging clients for their utmost customer satisfaction.

The software provides a seamless experience for customers of small and mid-sized real estate agencies. This diverse package of solutions includes marketing automation, sales bay, live chat and helpdesk.

EngageBay makes it possible to automate manual tasks, track deals and sales pipeline, provide real-time assistance that easily converts visitors into customers and prioritize and solve customer support inquiries.

Microsoft Dynamics

As you already know, Microsoft products are reliable ones, and this one is no exception. It is a great choice especially for business who already use Microsoft, since the software can be integrated with Office 365 or Outlook.

With this software, you won’t get solely CRM functions, but you’ll receive some enterprise resource planning as well.  The CRM tools cost $115 per user per month, while buying the CRM and ERP package will cost you $201 per user per month. You can also get support with Microsoft Dynamics. There is an online support centre which is available for free when it comes to customer relationship management.


If you own a small business and you don’t have that many funds available, you might want to consider Hubspot. That is because this software also offers a free version. You will need to pay if you want to access the other features however. Compared to other free customer relationship management software, this is one id by far the most powerful one.

Hubspot offers you plenty of features. For example, it has Outlook and Gmail email integrations, it allows you to create, customise or create new leads and contacts and there is also an app for it, which is available on both Android and iOS.

There are three different hubs available for this service: Sales Hub, Service Hub, and Marketing Hub. You also have the option to buy them separately if you wish, but you can also get them together as the Growth Suite, which also comes with a 25% discount.


This one is not that great for large company, but if you are a small to medium business, you might want to go for it. It has low prices which are highly affordable. Apptivo allows you to track contacts, automate tasks, streamline customer support. There are four tiers available for Apptivo: the first one is free, for the Premium one you will have to pay $8 per month per user, the Ultimate tier costs $20 per month per user and you can also get the Apptivo Enterprise plan that is only available for a custom quote.


This service comes with three different plans: Base, Advanced and Enterprise. You get phone, email and live chat support which are available for all the users and the software comes with some powerful analytics tools. It also has third-party integration.


This software works for both small businesses and large companies, and the price is highly convenient. It has all the functions you can need, including email marketing features, Google G-suite integrations, as well as support for 20 languages.

A support team is available at all times as well. When it comes to price, you should know that there is a free tier as well. Nonetheless, that one can only handle three users. The Standard plan is available at $12 per user per month, the Professional plan at $20 per user per month, the Enterprise plan at $35 per user per month and the last plan, Ultimate, is $100 per user per month

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