PlayStation 5 Leaks: Reportedly, Sony Patented The Future PS5 Controller

The race to present PS5 and Xbox Scarlet is underway. Every time we receive new rumors and announcements of what will offer PlayStation 5 and the next console from Microsoft. Now, according to some new PlayStation 5 leaks, Sony patented the PS5 controller which would boast a touchscreen.

Sony Is Taking Big Steps Towards The Future PlayStation 5 Console

In other news, Sony also announced recently that it had patented the backward compatibility for the upcoming console with some cool improvements, including reproducing PS4, PS3, PlayStation 2 and PSX games with new textures, 4K resolution, improved framerate, and overall performance, without touching the code.

Also, Sony reportedly patented the PS Move PS5 for use with PSVR virtual reality devices. Now, however, it’s the turn of a new patent registered by Sony Computer Entertainment’s headquarters in America to come out to light. The new PS5 controllers will have a design very similar to the current Dual Shock 4, according to the patent documents.

Sony Reportedly Patented the PS5 Controller To Be Used With The Future PlayStation 5

The next PS5 controller is designed for interacting wirelessly with the console and includes a housing defined by the main body and two extensions to hold with both hands, as well as a touchscreen at the top and two sets of buttons, respectively on both sides of the touchscreen.

As we can see, the PS5 controller would be very similar to that of the current console, although no mention is made of analog levers or the presence of leds. It is also not mentioned in any section if the future controller would include vibration or motion sensors, but the patent of the PS5 controller does not exclude other technologies that can be added, including some type of NFC reader.

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