Clash of Clans Surpassed 500 Million Downloads on Google Play Store

Clash of Clans joins the select group of apps and games that have totaled over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Published on the Android’s app store in 2013, Clash of Clans, developed by Supercell (now a branch of Tencent Games), is definitely one of the most popular mobile games on Android and beyond.

Clash of Clans Surpassed 500 Million Downloads on Google Play Store

As Supercell is always updating and supporting the Clash of Clans, the game remains stable in terms of performance, plus that it gets additional content and features anytime possible.

In Clash of Clans, you can build your own village, grow your clans and fight with rivals in epic wars. When you download the game, you join millions of players around the world with which you can build clans and alliances or against which you can fight. In Clash of Clans, barbarian with mustaches, pyromaniac sorcerers, and other incredible troops await you.

Clash of Clans is available for free on Google Play Store, but it comes with in-app purchases that range from $1.09 to $109.99, depending on what you’d like to buy.

Clash of Clans Features

  • Join a clan with other players or found one and invite your friends;
  • Team up in clan wars against players from all over the world;
  • Defend the village using cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls;
  • Face the king of goblins in an epic campaign across the kingdom;
  • Plan incredible strategies, with countless combinations of spells, troops, and heroes;
  • Friendly challenges and wars and special events;
  • Train unique troops with various levels of improvement;
  • Reach the builder’s base and discover new characters and buildings in a mysterious world never seen before;

Clash of Clans, one of the most popular games on mobile devices, has now surpassed 500 million downloads on Google Play Store.

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