Dash (DASH) Network Processed About 3 Million Transactions In 24 Hours In The Last Stress Test

Dash (DASH) broke a new record by processing 3,020,238 transactions in 24 hours. The event occurred on Sunday, November 11th, during the Dash network stress test. Thus, Dash blockchain managed to surpass the 2.1 million transactions achieved by Bitcoin Cash (BCH) during its latest stress test.

The stress test, which was intended to measure the transaction capacity of the Dash network, was carried out by the team of developers of the Dash (DASH) wallet, MyDashWallet, with the version 12.3.4 of the blockchain. The group aimed to achieve a maximum of five million processed transactions, but despite not having reached its goal, the results are more than three times the number of transactions processed in the last test conducted in July.

The three million transactions were achieved with an average speed of 1 block every 2 minutes. Among the mined blocks, some reached 2MB, the maximum size stipulated in Dash (DASH) network for each block, and contained more than 10,000 transactions. Given the number of operations in these blocks and the average mining time, it is estimated that the network was able to process between 60 and 80 transactions per second. That is a number that, although positive for Dash (DASH) blockchain, is still far from the 24,000 transactions per second that Visa claims to process.

Dash (DASH) Network Processed About 3 Million Transactions In 24 Hours In The Last Stress Test

Another important aspect is that the Dash network stress test was carried out with an average mining difficulty of 90M, after dropping from the 118M it had reached some eight days ago, according to BitInfoCharts.

It is important to note that the three million transactions were not the limit that those responsible for the test expected to reach. However, with this number of transactions, some blocks reached their maximum size of 2MB.

The 2MB blocks are enabled in the Dash (DASH) network since 2016, but at the moment there are already proposals to increase it. Some proposed to increase the size to 5MB, 8MB and even 10MB. However, studies assure that it is not advisable to exceed 5MB because the profitability of mining could be compromised.

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