Google Plans To Improve Split-Screen in Android Q Permitting Apps To Run Simultaneously

At the moment, the split-screen feature in Android only allows users to display two apps but only one of them is active. However, Google plans to improve split-screen in Android Q permitting apps to run simultaneously.

Currently, split-screen on Android has a severe limitation as it’s not allowing users to run two apps at the same time. In other words, the active app is only that one with which the users interact, while the other one remains in standby. Luckily, Google is now working on an improved split-screen feature for Android Q which would permit users to run two applications simultaneously with the “multi-window” function.

Also, even though Google made some recommendations on how the split-screen feature can e used, many app devs didn’t take them into consideration, and the majority of the apps are not operating correctly in ‘multi-window” in current Android OS versions.

Google Plans To Improve Split-Screen in Android Q Permitting Apps To Run Simultaneously

The upcoming feature Google wants to implement in Android Q is dubbed Multi-resume and would permit for all apps in multi-window to run simultaneously. Currently, some manufacturers, especially Samsung, made some tweaks in Android to allow the split-screen feature to run two apps at the same time.

However, that new feature Google would implement in Android Q would be the first native split-screen function that would permit running more apps simultaneously. Also, at the moment, Android testers can probe this new feature, which would be a mandatory behavior in Android Q, on Android Pie devices. But, both the manufacturers of smartphones and app developers might opt-in for this testing phase.

Additionally, with the emergence of folding smartphones and Google Foldable tech project to make Android OS suitable for such devices, the split-screen feature would become a commonly used function, so improving it might be a mandatory step to take for Google to make its mobile OS compatible with foldable phones.

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