iOS 13 Concept Presents Many Improvements For iPhone and iPad Users

Apple’s mobile operating system is upgraded every year with a significant update, usually in autumn. iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad has just rolled out, practically, but iOS 13 is already in the news. Well, at least an exciting iOS 13 concept teaser emerged online, promising some new and useful functions for Apple’s smartphones and tablets.

Despite how many improvements Apple makes with its operating system for mobiles, iPhone and iPad users still find plenty of room for improvement. Some of them even go as far as to create entire, well-formulated concepts on their own. So did the YouTuber Jacob Rendina who thinks ahead for Apple and presented his own iOS 13 concept.

iOS 13 Concept Presents Many Improvements For iPhone and iPad Users

As Jacob Rendina thought, iPad users, in particular, must benefit from iOS 13 more than iPhone users, so Apple would do well to take an example. After all, the new iPad Pro 2018 models are obviously intended to be alternatives to computers. In Rendina’s iOS 13 concept, iOS 13 must bring iPad Pro-specific features, including a message center similar to what we have on MacBooks but also the acceptance of third-party products compatible with USB-C port.

Besides, iOS 13 concept might come with improved security, including the well-known Touch ID, Face ID, and password access. Furthermore, optimized multitasking with the option to open apps in a separate window is wanted in the next year’s iOS version. As with the Mac, floating windows make multitasking more flexible.

Also, Rendina’s iOS 13 concept imagines a split screen option, a long sought-after feature in Apple’s mobile operating system. Besides, iOS 13 should come out with a dark theme for the iPhone and iPad, which is another sought-after feature by iOS fans. And we might indeed see the dark mode in iOS 13 as Apple implemented it this year in macOS Mojave.

To see everything the new iOS 13 concept imagines for the next year’s iOS version, we leave you Jacob Rendina’s video below.

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