Netflix Will Offer Low-Cost Subscription Plans for Developing Countries

In order to expand its reach and win subscribers in developing countries, Netflix is expected to launch a low-cost subscription plan in the near future. This cheaper version of Netflix service will only be available in certain countries, with a focus on the countries across Asia.

Netflix will focus on Asian countries

According to Bloomberg, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, said in an interview that he wanted to experience a new subscription plan with different movies and TV series content, but at a lower rate than the present monthly plans, the streaming service is offering.

The cheapest subscription plan is now $7.99, and it allows users to view content on one device. It can go up to $13.99 to access four screens simultaneously.

While the CEO of the streaming service has not disclosed anything about where and when this test would be carried out, there is every reason to believe that some Asian countries should enjoy the new low-cost subscription plan.

Having arrived on the before-mentioned continent three years ago, Netflix has since invested heavily in projects in India, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. According to estimates by Media Partners Asia, cited by Bloomberg, the company has not yet reached 2 million subscribers in Asia, while it has 130 million worldwide.

Netflix is increasingly popular worldwide

Worldwide, Netflix claims about 130 million subscribers and does not intend to stop there. The video streaming service is notably present today all over the world and allows its users to watch hundreds of movies and TV series.

However, many other companies launched their own video streaming services to compete with Netflix directly. Amazon Prime, for example, is one of them and it also offers vast movies and TV series content, but it can’t yet compete with Netflix in this regard.

Additionally, in 2019, Disney will also launch its own video streaming service which could be the fiercest competitor for Netflix.

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