Telegram vs. WeChat: Which One Is Better?

Nowadays, WeChat and Telegram are very popular message apps – everyone has heard of them.  They’re both capable of becoming the most popular ones in the whole world, besides Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Viber. WeChat can also be used as a payment service, a social network – and that’s not all. A telegram has introduced a token pre-sale in order to release TON – which we believe it’s something more than a blockchain. It’s been said that the Telegraph will offer more services soon, too.

We shall compare WeChat and Telegram to see which one is better.

It all happened when Telegram decides to introduce TON – that’s when the competition started.

What are the features?

You can also pay with WeChat

We’ve already established the fact that WeChat offers more services than Telegram. WeChat is also used for payment services for taxi, shopping, even utilities. It became a very good substitute for cash when it comes to the Chinese market. WeChat is powered by Chinese UnionPay, and this is why the app allows prompt p2p payments.

It’s actually more than that –WeChat is also testing a city service module. It’s meant to become an interface that can use the services of the city faster and in a more convenient way.

You can promote your business on WeChat

You can also use WeChat as an ad network – this is not the case for Telegram. If you have a business, you can promote it on WeChat.

With Telegram, you get encrypted texting

Telegram provides encrypted texting – as it is used as a messenger – and this is something that WeChat does not do.

All in all, we can say that you can use Telegram as a messaging app, while you can use WeChat as an “everything” app.

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