Google Maps Would Add a Chat Function To Connect Customers With Businesses

Google has announced a new chat feature for Google Maps that will connect businesses with their customers. Soon you will be able to send messages to your favorite businesses from within Google Maps. Google Maps Chat, therefore, would allow users to send messages to your preferred companies from within the application.

The popular application for maps and GPS navigation, Google Maps, has not stopped evolving. And today the app has so many functions that one can only wonder how far Google can go with that. Some of the new features, however, are very useful, including the ability to organize trips with your friends directly on Maps.

However, now Google Maps Chat might sound weird for some, but it’s a method to keep customers in touch with their favorite businesses. By that, Google Maps now integrates a chat application, accessible via the so-called “hamburger menu” in the top corner of the main app’s screen. Within the new category there, you can view chat history and other related features.

Google Maps Chat: Google Still Struggling To Come Up With A Reliable Instant Messaging App

Google has always tried to release a reliable instant messaging or chat app. Today, only Google Duo remains on the market, enjoying a slight success, while Google Allo has been discontinued in favor of Chat, which should arrive soon as an addition to the Android Messages application.

However, at this time, we have seen that Google has continued to invest in messaging sections within apps such as YouTube or, more recently, Google Maps.

On YouTube, a native chat was set up that allowed you to share videos and comment on them with your Google contacts. And now, Google Maps will soon get a similar, but different, feature. Google Maps chat allows customers to connect with businesses directly from the app to solve issues or make reservations.

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