Google To Launch Squoosh Free Image Editor On Chrome Browser

Chrome is the most widely used browser, but it also has its own catalog of applications. Thanks to Google, Squoosh, a free image editor, will come to Google and it should work directly within the browser. And it is not only compatible with Chrome as it also works with other browsers, including mobile ones.

Squoosh is an online image editor that’s very straightforward to use to use and is quite basic. But it has one important feature, as it’s extremely fast. It actually looks like a locally executed application. You access Squoosh through its website, from any browser on any device. You can use the example images that are already preloaded, to test it, or upload one from your computer or mobile.

Squoosh has two main functions – compressing and resizing an image. All the tools you need are placed on the right side of the screen. You have several compression algorithms like MozJPG, OptiPNG, and so on, allowing users to compress any pic without losing its quality. Best of all, you can see the image change in real time by sliding a bar over the screen.

It is also possible to adjust the quality of the compression and the color palette. When you’re done, all you have to do is download the modified image.

Google To Launch Squoosh Free Image Editor On Chrome Browser

As we’ve said, Squoosh is a simple but very efficient and fast image editor and, above all, it is convenient, as it permits users to check the changes of the compression algorithm in real time which is quite spectacular, honestly.

Squoosh has been created by a division of Google that is dedicated to experimenting with applications developed for the Chrome browser.

Among its projects, which you can consult on Github, there is also a text editor for Chrome and ChromeOS, a filter that turns a website into an artistic box, analysis tools, programming guidelines, and much more. An excellent example of the increasingly versatile applications provided by the Google cloud.

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