Nintendo Switch Online Might Boast Content Beyond Classic NES Games

One of the main attractions through which Nintendo attempted to draw public attention to its Nintendo Switch Online service was the addition of a catalog of classic NES games. In this database, the Japanese brand brings out the jewels of the past as in the recent case of Gradius, and the truth is that the company desires to explore as much of the classic NES games as possible. However, recent statements by Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime have opened the door for titles from other Nintendo platforms to be made available on Nintendo Switch Online.

“We’ll see what happens next, but as you pointed out, we don’t even have the entire NES game catalog at this point. This content has yet to be optimized for use on Nintendo Switch. That’s something we’re working on very hard. Like you, I also hope to be able to play Metroid through the Nintendo Switch Online service, and we will continue to make content available in the same way,” said Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime for Kotaku.

Nintendo Switch Online Might Boast Content Beyond Classic NES Games

“So it seems that we can draw two conclusions: first, that Nintendo’s primary goal is to make the most of NES, and second, that once this is achieved, it certainly doesn’t seem to look bad to take advantage of work done on other of its great platforms of the past,” Fils-Aime added.

We should also remember that one of the saddest news of the week came from the same Fils-Aime who announced Nintendo’s refusal to work on a mini version of Nintendo 64, as had been done with the NES or SNES consoles. In this regard, we could not rule out that it was the same software for that platform that could also leap Nintendo Switch Online, going through SNES before that, of course.

If the Japanese brand is so predisposed to enhance classic games content of their older consoles, which is something they have frequently demonstrated, it would undoubtedly be a more exciting alternative not having interest in following a route similar to that of the before-mentioned NES and SNES.

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