Google Play Services 14.5.74 Rolled Out With Several Improvements

Any Android mobile consists of a series of basic applications such as a Phone app, SMS, Contacts or the services offered by Google itself, including Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Play. The piece of software that works behind the scenes and makes everything work is Google Play Services. Now, Google Play Services 14.5.74 rolled out with several improvements.

Google Play Services is always working in the background managing various tasks and making sure everything works well on Android devices. It is the fundamental pillar that unites a lot of applications and services and therefore must be kept regularly updated.

Google Play Services is an application that takes care of a lot of elements in any device with Android. When installed, this app is responsible for offering all the functions of Android apps, including those of Google itself. As it runs as an invisible process, we never interact with it directly but every time an app uses a library that depends on Google Play Services, this tool shows us the information.

Google Play Services 14.5.74 Rolled Out With Several Improvements

According to the official Google Play Services description, this service is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play and offer core functionality such as authentication to Google services, syncing contacts, giving access to the latest user privacy settings, and to location-based services.

Play Services is also responsible for enhancing users’ in-app experience and performance in games, as well as offline searches. So, if you uninstall Google Play Services, the majority of your apps might not work any longer.

The latest Google Play Services 14.5.74 came out a few days ago for Android 4.0 and higher and boasted several under the hood improvements and changes that focus on stability, security, and performance. Google Play Services should update automatically to the latest version, but, in case it didn’t do that on your smartphone, you can grab the update from Google Play Store.

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