Vidmate Is The Most Popular Free HD Video Downloader, And Here Is Why

Services such as Valve’s Steam video game library and Apple’s iTunes Library are successful just because they put together similar content, be it video games (Steam) or music (iTunes Library). As the future of entertainment would be streaming services, having one app to access all the video content out there would be excellent for many users. Vidmate does that, to some extent, as it’s allowing its users to access all the video content posted on major streaming sites from one convenient app, even though it’s nothing like Vimeo, for example.

In other words, rather than coming up with their own video tool, Vidmate’s devs created one app that permits us to access any video content in the world posted on dozens of sites, including the before-mentioned Vimeo, DailyMotion, LiveLeak, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

The best part of Vidmate is that it’s not only connecting users with the streaming sites in a very straightforward manner, but it’s also allowing users to download video content.

Why Is Vidmate The Most Popular Free HD Video Downloader?

Vidmate can praise itself with more than 330 million downloads on various Android apps repositories, not taking into account the installations from all the APK files sites or those directly accomplished on Vidmate’s official web page. Besides being a massively downloaded app, Vidmate is also a top-rated one, which is a guarantee of its performance and features.

Primary, Vidmate is a free HD video downloader allowing users to build their library of videos and music from all the major streaming services out there. Besides this main function, Vidmate, surprisingly, also enables users to download apps and add-ons directly through its interface, without needing to go to the Play Store or third-party app stores.

Vidmate is, therefore, the most popular free HD video downloader because it features so many cool functions and allows users not only to download videos from the primary streaming services, but it also permits us to download other apps and updates directly from its interface.

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