Canadian Crypto Miner Came Up With A Heating System Based On Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Rigs

A crypto miner in Canada created a prototype heating system for his home using heat released from ASIC mining equipment. The Canadian miner announced that, on November 18th, through the social network Twitter. The heating system runs continuously and is capable of extracting excess heat within the 6,000 square-ft house. The prototype takes advantage of the heat produced by 6 Antminer S9 miners, while they mine Bitcoin (BTC).

Twitter user Jonbros01 shared photos and features of his prototype in a conversation thread with Bitcoiner Francis Pouliot, who initially broke the news that in Quebec, Canada, similar prototypes are being used to heat homes in winter. Pouliot added that he himself, in 2014, was heating his apartment with excess energy created by Bitcoin (BTC) mining equipment.

He added that, during the summer, the heat produced by the mining equipment is sent by the prototype to the outside of the house automatically. “The heat is automatically sent out… Nothing to do, the air intake is adjusted, and unwanted heat is extracted dynamically,” he explained to a Twitter user.

Canadian Crypto Miner Came Up With A Heating System Based On Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Rigs

The Canadian miner said he has no problems with bad smells or noise. “Noise was a big focus point when we designed the system. It doesn’t make more noise than an inherited system. You don’t hear anything in the rooms. My son sleeps in the next room, and he doesn’t hear anything. According to the Canadian miner, it is so quiet that there is no suspicion that the house is being heated by crypto miners.

“The miners are always kept at the perfect operating temperature during the winter, and during the summer only the fresh air from outside is getting into the miners, while the hot air is immediately drawn out because we don’t want heat for the miners,” he said.

The Canadian crypto miner pointed out that his prototype does not require a ventilation system. “No need to cool the miner unless the outside temperature is above 35 degrees Celsius. But for the warmer area we already have a solution that works,” he said.

“Once Ebang E11 ++ is available we will make the required modification to adjust to the size difference. Then I’ll probably start marketing it,” he said. It should be noted that Ebang is a Chinese manufacturer of Bitcoin (BTC) miners, which in late September announced the launch of a new generation of more energy-efficient equipment.

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