Huawei’s Foldable Smartphone With 5G Connectivity To Come Out At MWC 2019

According to GSMarena, Huawei has presented in a private event with representatives of telecommunication companies and Korean government officials, a prototype of a folding smartphone with 5G connectivity.

Huawei plans to unveil its folding phone with 5G connectivity at MWC 2019

While Samsung is already working on its own foldable phone, the Galaxy F, while it’s developing a reliable 5G-compatible smartphone, Huwaei is, apparently, already possessing a working folding phone with 5G connectivity. The Chinese brand, reportedly, presented its innovation before significant telecommunication companies and South Korean government officials.

According to a Korean government spokesman, Huawei is working on its folding phone prototype that would not only be a foldable smartphone but will also be able to connect to the future fastest mobile network – 5G. Huawei’s final goal would be to present its new device at the next year’s Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona.

Huawei’s first foldable smartphone with 5G might first come out in the US and Europe

According to the leaks, Huawei’s upcoming 5G foldable smartphone would boast an 8-inch screen which, when folded, would come down to a 5-inch display, so it would be a little bigger than the future Samsung Galaxy F model which would measure about 4.6 inches when in phone mode and 7.3 inches when in unfolded, respectively. In this case, the manufacturer of the display would be BOE, a company based in Beijing and R&D centers around the world.

Although the Chinese brand has decided to present its folding phone with 5G connectivity to the Korean officials, Huawei Korea has not revealed additional details on when this new foldable smartphone would arrive in stores. For now, only the United States and Europe are ready for 5G networks, so it is very likely that this mobile will be sold first in these regions.

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