Instagram To Eliminate Fake Accounts, Followers, and Malicious Third-Party Apps

Instagram wants a clean and controlled platform, and from now on will pay particular attention to the activity generated not by people, but by third-party applications with access to accounts, according to a statement. These apps have the objective of tracking and sending false messages, to grow the base of followers of those who use them, without requiring a manual effort. It is frequent and common to see them engage in SPAM practices.

Instagram will identify the accounts that use these applications by using artificial intelligence, both in the detection and in the elimination of the activity that violates the Community Norms and Conditions of Use of Instagram.

One of the most worrying parts of the matter is that to operate, as is logical, applications that generate fake content to access the username and password of Instagram users on behalf of those who produce content. It is very shocking that this can happen in the era in which the Cambridge Analytica case has made users rethink using Facebook, because access to all data and control granted is not more significant in this case, but is total.

Instagram To Eliminate Fake Accounts, Followers, and Malicious Third-Party Apps

Therefore, Instagram will send a message within the application to the accounts that use these malicious apps, informing them of the removal of content. In this regard, Instagram will also ask users to change their password to revoke third-party access.

Those users who continue to use the applications despite the warnings, may have their Instagram experience limited, as certain functions would be denied. The false content of Instagram was not very annoying at the moment, but seeing the network lose personality in the same sense that Facebook was filled with clickbait is something that the company (Facebook) does not want.

Recently, Facebook claims to have deleted 7.8 million photos on child pornography thanks to artificial intelligence, while it also eliminated 583 million fake accounts in the first quarter of this year.

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