Google Calendar To Shut Down SMS Notifications

For many of us, Google Calendar is now part of our daily lives. Google Calendar is that small, easy-to-use accessory, and an almost indispensable application for those who work with Android. The integrations are designed for this, optimized and in fact, trying to think of using anything else except in particular cases. Now, Google Calendar is about to shut down SMS notifications, a feature used by many users.

Google Calendar has recently even acquired a small amount of empowerment, with planning functionality and the ability to manage automatic responses. Enough to make it a little more than just a digital calendar. But, the tool will also undergo a radical evolution in the coming months.

Indeed, as of January 7th, 2019, Google Calendar abandoned a feature that was supposed to be the most popular with many users. On that date, Google Calendar will no longer be able to send SMS messages automatically.

Google Calendar To Shut Down SMS Notifications About The In-App Events You Set

Google Calendar application simply intends to rely exclusively on its own notifications. That is how you will be able to receive your alerts regardless of your device. Google itself released this information in an official blog post. If you are one of those affected, you will receive a notification from Google, reportedly.

If you have already received Google Calendar notifications by SMS, they will be replaced by notifications via the application and by email. You will see these notifications as follows:

  • Event notifications in a web browser where Google Calendar is running or on a mobile device if you have the Google Calendar application for Android or iOS;
  • Via email, if you had configured SMS notifications for new events, modified events, canceled events, or event responses;

However, it can be assumed that this should only concern a few Google Calendar users, as notifications are much more practical.

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