The Sims 5 Should Come With An Improved Version of the Game

It seems like the ‘Customer is King’ policy might not be taken in consideration by all companies. There are two possibilities: many companies are visibly doing a change following the costumer’s needs and some companies are taking in considerations the feedback but do not admit it.

This link between the costumer’s needs and feedback and the companies are important in the game industry as well. In order to get your game in the top most popular to play, you need to keep up the evolution of it. To add more feature, new characters, improve the quality.

The Sims game hit a successful evolution in the industry, supported by the firms EA and Maxis. These companies took in consideration the players suggestions and opinions and changed the game as they wished. We are talking about the new version The Sims 5.

Until now, all we know is that the game is in the work progress. Nobody confirmed any released data; there are only rumors and speculations. The passionate players from the Sims community estimated the release of the game in 2020 and the teaser and announcement next year.

From the costumer’s point of view, the game can suffer different changes and there are two possible versions of the game to go. In one version, the glitches or the am that cannot be solved or progressed are removed and just a work in the bug problems. The second idea for the game is to come up with new features such a fresh location, clothes, cars and so on.

It is a big possibility that EA changed the Sims 5 giving the players a better experience. New aspects such as the houses new physical appearances, such as hair, face, eyes accessories or colors.

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