Top 4 Android One Benefits Over Customized Android OS

Android One was born a few years ago with the goal of establishing itself as an operating system in a specific group of smartphones, primarily low- and mid-range handsets. Due to its advantages, different manufacturers have already equipped their smartphones with this system, so you should know about the main four benefits of a device running Android One.

While it is true that most manufacturers usually bet on including Android in their phones, the version implemented does not offer an entirely pure experience, as many producers add their own UI over the Android system. The big manufacturers do that, including Samsung, Huwaei, and others. However, Android One is the raw version of Android, mainly designed for the low- or mid-range devices.

Top 4 Android One Advantages Over Customized Android OS

Android One is the essential OS

With Android One the user can enjoy an almost pure experience. That is because Android One is nearly Android Stock, that is, almost without customizations of any kind and only with a few small modifications.

Secure Updates

Buying a terminal with Android One ensures you of at least a couple of years of free and advantageous updates. That guarantees you support for at least two years, a period during which Google ensures you of Android security patches directly via OTA.

Android One gives performance, fluidity, and speed

These three features of Android One have to be the most sought-after function of a mobile operating system. Those devices with Android One would boast high performance, fluidity, and speed, even though they are low- or mid-range handsets. The very absence of a customization UI, which can slow down the system, is essential for Android One devices to run smoothly.

Google Assistant is also part of Android One

The phones equipped with Android One are optimized for Google Assistant, the Google’s voice assistant. It will be at the user’s service whenever he wants, and with a simple voice command he will wake up to solve any doubt. With an “Ok, Google,” the Google Assistant will be activated, and you will be able to answer your doubts.

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