Xiaomi Plans To Launch An E-Reader To Compete With Amazon Kindle

Xiaomi could be creating its own E-Reader, a device to enter the market of electronic books where Amazon now rules with indisputable sovereignty. Given the level of diversification that has the firm regarding products, this would not be a surprising decision, but very interesting considering the current panorama of these terminals.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about a Kindle made by Xiaomi, as rumors about it began to circulate last year. However, sources close to the company pointed out that this device was too trivial back then, as the company was focusing on making products for the smart home concept.

However, the roadmap of Xiaomi seems to have recently gone through a mass e-book again, and now Li Chuangqi, Xiaomi’s Product Manager, has put the spotlight on it again. Asked by a user on China’s Weibo social network who was requesting Xiaomi’s reasons for not making a gadget like the Kindle, the manager replied with a cryptic “wait.”

Xiaomi Plans To Launch An E-Reader To Compete With Amazon Kindle

Currently, the E-Readers scene is composed of just a handful of brands that decide to bet on this technology, with proposals such as Kobo, BQ or Tagus, which are trying to succeed in a sector increasingly dominated by the Amazon Kindle.

Also, the new Paperwhite makes it easy to understand how simplicity and a clear product push the firm of Jeff Bezos to the top in the E-Readers market. However, if there is a company dedicated to making affordable, but reliable gadgets, that is Xiaomi.

So, although there is no information about what this possible future Xiaomi E-Reader device could look like or when it could reach the market, there is a reason for the fans to expect it really soon. Maybe Xiaomi is the only one that can threaten the Amazon’s reign in a segment where the competition refuses to go for it.

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