Artificial Intelligence Startup “Silk Labs” Acquired By Apple

Apple has just bought yet another company, whose name is Silk Labs. It is a startup company specialized in artificial intelligence. According to information emerged on several tech news portals, this small company is able to make AI software light enough to integrate into consumer equipment.

The artificial intelligence is already a significant part of many products, including smartphones. Almost every tech company out there is struggling to develop better AI systems for their purposes so that Apple couldn’t keep away from this race.

While the Cupertino-based company is already working on its own artificial intelligence systems, now they decided to buy Silk Labs, a small startup specialized in producing software and hardware products based on artificial intelligence.

Apple Acquired “Silk Labs” Startup To Reinforce Its Artificial Intelligence Department

Founded in 2015 by three former Mozilla employees (Chris Gal, Jones, and Michael Vines), Silk Labs is a small startup with only 12 employees. The company explains that it “aims to bring visual and audio intelligence to connected products.” Silk Labs is primarily working on image and sound analyzing software based on AI, which has the particularity of working directly on a product, without an Internet connection.

Silk Labs has developed several scenarios in which its services can be useful. To give you an idea, the company has devised an intercom system that can identify the person ringing the doorbell (if the person is already pre-identified, of course), or automatically disable/activate an alarm based on the face the AI system detected.

As always, the Cupertino-based tech giant firm did not wish to comment on the reasons for this new acquisition. The same applies to the amount Apple paid for this acquisition, both companies keeping that information secret. But given the size of the start-up, the price of this purchase would not be extremely high.

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