UC Browser vs. Google Chrome – The Speed and Privacy Battle of Browsers

Choosing the right browser is important because it can impact your entire Internet experience. Google Chrome and UC browser are two of the most popular choices. Today we are going to place them side by side and see what are the advantages and disadvantages for each one.


UC Browser did have some problems in the past. For example, back in 2015 it was discovered that UC Browser was leaking private user information. Even last month there was a UC Browser scandal after Google banned the browser from Play Store because it allowed the installation of Alibaba’s other apps.

Meanwhile, there were no major security issues when it comes to Google Chrome. We should also add that Incognito mode is available on both browsers, but Google Chrome also has a safe browsing feature, which means that users are not able to open malicious URLs.

Saving data

If you don’t want to waste your date you will be glad to hear that both browsers have data saver functions. Once you turn it on, these browsers will send you compressed versions of the pages that you want to access.


Both browsers allow you to change the text sizes once you access a web page. In UC Browser you can use the volume buttons to scroll down a page, and you can also use a typing assistant for the phrases that you use often. Meanwhile, you can’t customize the mobile version of Google Chrome.

Download manager

If we compare the download manager, UC browser appears to be the winner. Both browsers allow you to pause and resume your download task, but UC also lets you choose where to save the downloaded files. You can also choose the maximum number of files that should be downloaded at a time.

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