Google Chrome To Add Scrolling Tabs Feature Similar To What We Have In Firefox

Google is working on a new Chome update that will include the ability to scroll through the browser taskbar tabs. A handy feature that Firefox has had for a long time and which has served as an “inspiration” for Google engineers.

We usually tend to open a lot of tabs, depending on what we’re up to when working with Google Chrome. Having a more straightforward way to switch from one tab to another would be ideal. We already have that in Firefox, but, let’s be honest, Chrome is the most popular browser ever made, so millions of users around the world would be thankful for the new feature of scrolling tabs.

In a Chrome session, each tab you add reduces the size of the previous tabs on the taskbar. The more tabs we have open, the smaller they will be, and the more difficult would be to locate a specific tab. Mozilla has long provided a solution for its Firefox and is simple but effective. It added scroll arrows placed on the bar or the possibility to use the mouse wheel for scrolling between tabs.

Google Chrome To Add Scrolling Tabs Feature Similar To What We Have In Firefox

Google announced that it’s working on a similar solution that would come in a future Chrome update., as reported by TechDows. The idea is not to reduce the size of the tabs to the point where it would be challenging to locate specific ones, and, as a Google engineer explained on Reddit, this function is already in works. He did not reveal when this feature would come out in Chrome, but we presume it would be pretty soon.

“Scrollable tabs are on their way. In the meantime, you can click Shift and Ctrl to select several tabs at once and then drag them out to separate the windows and group them into another one,” the Google engineer said on Reddit.

The new Google Chrome feature is not yet available in the browser’s beta versions but could be added soon, so keep an eye on next Google Chrome Beta versions.

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