Google Duplex Artificial Intelligence Is Now Unde Tests By A Small Number of Pixel Smartphones Users

Google has finally begun to test its Google Duplex artificial intelligence in real-world applications via a small number of Pixel smartphone users. The AI system was presented during this year’s Google I/O conference, held in May, and which has been tested to a limited extent in the USA, where it has reached a small number of users on their Google Pixel smartphones.

As Google has confirmed to the news portal Venture Beat, through some Google Pixel smartphones, it is already possible to use Duplex to make phone calls autonomously with which the “app” can make bookings in the name of the user in some restaurants or hairdressers in the United States.

Duplex is activated directly through the Google Assistant and works only in the English version, for the moment, at least. Its functions include the possibility to call external businesses, not just Google partners, and for the moment they are limited only to restaurants, and not to hairdressers as Google announced back in May.

Via Google Duplex artificial intelligence tests, it has been shown that the service works through a button that becomes available when you search for a restaurant in the Google Assistant.

Google Duplex Artificial Intelligence Is Now Unde Tests By A Small Number of Pixel Smartphones Users

Among its features, Duplex only allows reservations for a maximum of ten people, and also asks for other relevant data such as the date and time of the booking. For calls, you use the user’s phone number in your Google Account, but you can select another one. The reservations made through Duplex are automatically synchronized with the Google Assistant and the Google Calendar.

The restaurants that can be accessed through the Duplex artificial intelligence system are still limited, and Google has offered the option to those businesses that do not wish to attend to this program the possibility of deactivating this option through their Google Account for businesses.

At the moment, Google is testing the Duplex artificial intelligence only among a small number of Pixel smartphones users in the United States, and just in a few cities. After the initial tests, the function will be extended to a more significant number of testers, according to the company.

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