Blizzard could be Working on a new Warcraft Game Inspired by Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is probably one of the most successful games ever released. The phenomenon is not surprising if we consider an important detail – it’s hard to resist all those cute creatures waiting to be discovered. After seeing its success, other developers are trying to create similar games for mobile, but it remains to be seen if they will manage to step on Pokemon Go’s footsteps.

Blizzard seems to be the first development company willing to follow Niantic Labs’ example. Even if the announcement about Diablo Immortal’s launch on mobile wasn’t well received, the team isn’t planning to give up on their idea.

According to Kotaku, the company is currently working on a mobile version for Warcraft and the new initiative is inspired by Pokemonn Go. The department involved in this work is the one behind Immortal and they promise to create a game which can revolutionize the market.

Blizzard doesn’t give up on their first idea – Diablo Immortal 4

One of the reasons which determined Blizzard to start working on the Pokemon Go-like game for mobile is that their lead designer, Cory Stockton, is a big fan of the franchise. Also, the spin-off could produce important revenue which can be used for other projects. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the new game and, because it’s work in progress, the team is not willing to share any ideas.

Even if it started to work on a new project, Blizzard won’t give up on the 4th part of Diablo. It looks like the game received a codename – “Fenris” and will feature much darker elements than the 3rd episode of the series. There is still a lot of work to be done, so there is no chance of seeing the game until 2020.

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