Turn On Night Mode on Android One UI

The One UI is based on the Android operating system and it comes with minor changes in order to adapt it for the Samsung devices. The new One UI will bring all the features of Android Pie and it is no secret that Samsung users are excited to get it.

If you already have the update, you probably tried out all the new functions. One of the highly anticipated ones remains the Dark Mode. In this article we are going to show you how to turn it on.

Activating it

Once you have the Android Pie update on your device, it should take you less than a minute to turn on the Dark Mode. You need to swipe down to the top so that you can use the quick toggles. On the second page you will find the toggle for the Night mode. You can turn it on from there.

It is also possible to turn on the Dark Mode from settings. You have to open the Settings App and enable the feature from the Display menu. You can also turn it off easily, with just one tap.

The Dark Mode

The Dark Mode was announced with the first Pie builds. This mode is something that most mobile users wish for, as it comes with several advantages. First of all, it is a lot better for our eyes, especially during night time. And while some users prefer it for the way it looks, it has a practical aspect as well. Devices with AMOLED panels are able to conserve battery once this mode is turned on.

The Dark Mode became available for Samsung after the first Pie beta was launched this week. The Night Mode is efficient and it is very simple to turn it on.

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