Pokemon GO: Will Darkrai Make An Appearance In December?

Pokemon GO players are anxiously waiting for updates after gen 4 Pokemon were added to the game. At the moment, many of them are awaiting Darkrai, one of the most well-known gen 4 legendaries, who is a Dark-type as well.

There is a big chance that Darkrai will be the next addition to the game, especially since Cresselia was already added to the game, as a Tier 5 raid boss. As you probably know already, Darkrai and Cresselia form the Lunar Duo, a legendary duo based on the moon. Darkrai represents the new moon and Cresselia the crescent moon. Therefore, since its counterpart was already introduced to the game, we are expecting to see Darkrai soon.

It is very likely that we will get more information on December 18, since this is when Cresselia will leave raid battles. This would be the right moment to receive Darkrai, and this introduction would make perfect sense. There are a couple of weeks left, and we can only wait patiently.

Duos and trios

This is not the first duo that is introduced to Pokemon GO. There have been others in the past, and we even received legendary trios. For example, we had the legendary Tower duo with Ho-Oh and Lugia, the weather trio, with Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza and the Titan trio, with Registeel, Refice and Regirock.

Each time a duo or a trio was added to the game, its members followed each other closely. This is another reason to believe that Cresselia will be followed by Darkrai. If we take a look at the main series we can remember that Cresselia gives people nice dreams, while Darkrai offers nightmares. Cresselia was caught on the Fullmoon island, while Darkrai was caught on Newmoon island.

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