“Crazy” LG Patent Reveals A Smartphone With 16 Cameras

It seems that smartphone manufacturers do not find it sufficient to incorporate a triple-camera system on the devices’ backs. It is also possible that many people think that the battle is in the number of sensors and not in the quality of the image. However, what we do know is that LG has also wanted to join the race and launched its V40 with three cameras on its backside. But it does not seem enough for the South Koreans! A “crazy” LG patent reveals a smartphone with 16 cameras.

LG Patent Reveals A Smartphone With 16 Cameras

There are 16 sensors on a single device, as the new LG patent revealed, and each of this cameras has a different purpose. LG patent was made public just a few hours ago, and the sensors and their function were detailed. It seems that the 16 cameras would serve to capture a target object in all possible angles. That would be possible thanks to the slightly curved lenses to capture the detail in the different perspectives.

LG patent also shows a mirror above the LED flash. That would be like a small mirror that could be used to take selfies with the rear cameras. users would, therefore, be able to use the different modes of the 16 cameras for better image quality.

LG May Not Eventually Release a Smartphone with 16 Cameras

Although this patent is very interesting and strange, at the same time, it does not mean that the South Korean company is going to launch a smartphone with 16 cameras on its back anytime soon. In reality, patents are filed to register ideas and concepts, but they may never be implemented in a final product.

Future leaks, or perhaps some official information, would be more than welcome to confirm whether this LG patent would be implemented on a future smartphone.

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