Windows 10 Mail App To Boast Ads Similar To Google Gmail

Windows 10 could make room for advertising in some of its applications, such as its email client. Indeed, some Windows 10 mail app users in many countries have noticed the presence of ads in the form of emails, says The Verge. An initiative that seems to be inspired by its competitor Google which has already added such ads in Gmail.

Microsoft to add ads in Windows 10 mail app for non-Office 365 subscribers

We do not know precisely what drives Microsoft to follow in the footsteps of Google’s Gmail as Windows 10 is, after all, a paid software since the Windows 10 license is included in the price of new computers. Accordingly, users may not appreciate this very unpleasant new feature.

However, the Redmond-based tech giant announced the addition of ads in the Windows 10 mail app via¬†Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s communications manager, who also explained that it was ultimately just a test that should have never reached the general public. According to the official, Windows 10 mail app will boast ads for non-Office 365 subscribers.

Microsoft promised not to scan email to display targeted content

“The company [Microsoft] had decided to disable these ads. He also said that the experiment was never designed to be tested on a large scale, which does not support the existence of an FAQ on a pilot program implemented in several countries around the world, but the ads should disappear. If some users have seen advertising on the application, it should disappear quickly,” said Frank Shaw for The Verge.

On the positive side of this experience, we note the fact that Microsoft refuses to scan emails in order to display targeted content. The company has always refused to give in to this kind of practice and has even tackled Google in the past on this subject. As a consequence, Gmail has also decided to stop scanning emails since then.

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