Bentley Reveals a New Continental GT Convertible Model

Bentley has recently surprised its fans with the reveal of a new model. The Continental GT Convertible is a beautiful combination of luxury and speed as it is able to go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds, a speed that is on par with most supercars.

The convertible model is similar to the hard-top brother as it sports the same W12 engine which employs cylinder deactivation in order to achieve a maximum speed of 207 mph. The eight-speed dual clutch transmission and an innovative 48-volt control system that efficiently mitigates body roll are also present.

Prospective buyers will enjoy a beautiful interior that features a revolving screen able to offer valuable information and entertainment functions at the same time. The premium package includes a powerful 2,000 watt stereo system with 18 speakers and Active Bass Transducers.

The roof received an upgrade as the new Z-fold system can be folded or raised in 19 seconds even when the car is in motion at a maximum speed of 30 mph. Buyers can opt for a finish similar to tweed which is available in seven different nuances. In order to keep the driver and passengers warm a neck-warming system can be paired with heated seats and arm rests in order to make winter trips more enjoyable.

The major inconvenience that plagues convertible cars is a high level of road and wind noise. Even the most impressive fabric cannot compete with pure metal when it comes to soundproofing. But this doesn’t seem to be a particular challenge for Bentley as the company notes that the new Continental GT convertible is more silent than its predecessor the GT Coupe. Since that model was offered an environment that was well insulated from noises the performance should satisfy even the most pretentious driver. Noise-canceling tires developed by Pirelli will considerably improve the driving experience.

The price tag hasn’t been announced just yet but premium quality comes with a premium price.

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