AirPlay 2 Supports Sonos And Other Third-Party Applications and Devices

The new wireless audio technology from the Apple AirPlay 2.0 was presented at WWDC 2017, although the truth did not have the attention expected, as it was overshadowed by iOS 11, the launch of HomePod, MacOS High Sierra, and a new line of computers. However, if you are an Apple user, you can not downplay the importance of all the benefits AirPlay 2 brings, as it allows not only send images, videos and more, via WiFi but, also, is compatible with Sonos speakers and can create an audio network for the whole home.

Best of all, finally, after several months of development, AirPlay 2 finally arrived to provide Apple device users with innovations and advances in wireless audio interaction. The new AirPlay 2 technology allows Apple’s HomeKit to communicate and send audio to multiple compatible “receiving” speakers in the home to create a cinematic atmosphere.

AirPlay 2 Supports Sonos and Other Third-Party Applications and Devices

Best of all, even one of the most popular audio company, Sonos, has promised support for AirPlay 2, which means you can stream your favorite songs to Sonos One and HomePod simultaneously. All you need to do is use the iOS Home app to tag and organize your different speakers.

AirPlay 2 works with iOS 11 and MacOS 10.13 High Sierra or later, which means that if you’re using an Apple device at home with those operating systems, you can control audio playback through AirPlay2. The same goes for Apple TV and Apple TV 4K streaming devices. TvOS 11 (released in the fall of 2017) turns your Apple TV into an “emitter” device and a “receiver” device, so if you have a traditional audio system connected to the Apple TV, it will become part of the AirPlay 2 ecosystem, even if the speakers are not directly compatible with it.

Also, because AirPlay 2 is an open API, any developer or manufacturer can ask Apple to add support for their application or device, so unlike Sonos, for example, you won’t need to play music from a specific application only.

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