Bethesda To Launch Two More Fallout 76 Updates In December

Todd Howard may have anticipated the severe problems that would accompany the launch of Fallout 76, but it is unlikely that Bethesda would have thought it would be necessary to take such an assessment two weeks after the release of its game. An average Metacritic score of 50, bugs, the fans’ disappointment, and a disappointing commercial start to the point of immediately lowering the price of the game. It is difficult to say whether Fallout 76 can be repaired to the point of reaching a level of quality and interest considered satisfactory by the majority, but it is certain that Bethesda has to try anyway.

In addition to communicating the details of its updates on the official website of the game, Bethesda went to Reddit yesterday to speak more directly to the community.

“We know you’re frustrated and angry about the current state of things, whether it’s the problems you’re having in the game or the lack of communication about fixes and updates. We didn’t want to suggest that nothing is happening behind the scenes because of our silence. We are sorry, and we will make sure that we build a better bridge between you and the development team,” the Bethesda’s post reads.

In fact, Bethesda should now communicate weekly to inform players of the points on which developers are working. Two updates are already scheduled for December, more precisely on the 4th and 11th, unless there is a last-minute change.

Bethesda To Launch Two More Fallout 76 Updates In December

The December 4th update will begin by increasing the storage limit for the safe house from 400 to 600, and it is planned to raise this level again after that, once Bethesda is confident that this action will not cause any stability problems. On the loot side, players will typically receive two or three items after shooting a boss, depending on the difficulty and level of the creature.

In the December 11th update, Bethesda will focus on adding PC-specific options, including a new aspect ratio support, a field of view adjustment, push-to-talk voice chat, and the new Bulldozer feature for the C.A.M.P. that will remove small trees, rocks and other natural obstacles that limit construction.

Another change Bethesda would implement into Fallout 76 would be that after level 50, the user will be able to choose between a new perk card or modify a SPECIAL point already assigned.

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