Pokemon Go Creators, Niantic, Hired To Make Exclusive Mobile Games for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Today, news emerged that, although doesn’t intend to shake up the telephone industry, it can, in some way, change the panorama of mobile gaming. Now, we have exclusive games for Samsung, exclusive games for Huawei, exclusive games for Xiaomi, and so on, so we could be at the beginning of a new era for mobile gaming. According to recently released reports, Samsung is planning to invest $40 million in Niantic, the devs behind Pokemon Go, among other titles for iOS and Android, for them start developing exclusive mobile games for Samsung Galaxy devices.

An anonymous source would have told The Inquirer that this new partnership could result in games that would be included by default on Samsung Galaxy smartphones shortly.

That opens the door to a future where a much fiercer competition would be happening between smartphone brands just as there is now an open battle between PS4 and Xbox One, for example.

Pokemon Go Creators, Niantic, Hired To Make Exclusive Mobile Games for Samsung Galaxy Devices

At the moment we have to wait for confirmation from either Samsung or Niantic, as there are still no official statements from any of the two companies. An official announcement would come out by the end of the year, the same source reported for The Inquirer, who also added that the first exclusive Samsung mobile game made by Niantic would come out in 2019 and, reportedly, would be included on the future Samsung Galaxy S10.

If we take a look at what happened with Fortnite, exclusively launched for Galaxy Note 9 for Android, the agreement between Niantic And Samsung might differ in reality from what the source has stated for The Inquirer. It might as well mean that Niantic, Pokemon Go creators, would create for Samsung some temporary exclusive titles so that the Galaxy users would be the first to play those mobile games before Niantic rolls them out for a wider public.

For now, some rumors pointed to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as the first Niantic game to arrive exclusively on Samsung Galaxy devices next year.

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