Upcoming Viber Update Will Make 1 Billion Groups Possible

Viber is a text messaging app that continues to become more and more popular. That is because the application constantly improves itself in order to keep up with the competitions. Viber Latest Update will be responsible for a couple of nice features.

Upcoming functions

New options will be introduced by Viber. For example, users will be allowed to create groups that have up to 1 billion members. This will be an impressive feature and we can only imagine for what purposes it will be used. A group with 1 billion members could easily include all the citizens of multiple countries. There is no other app that has such a feature.

Monetization features will also be added in the future. This means that Community owners will have a chance to obtain money as their groups grow bigger. One billion members Communities can be created by any user, and you don’t need a special status in order to do that.

A community can have various statuses. Communities can be created for gaming, sports, traveling or various other purposes. Viber has made sure that Communities have a couple of new useful features. The unlimited members function is just one of them.

Another feature is one tap joining, which allows new members to tap a link in order to join a public community. This will make it a lot easier for Communities to recruit new members. Additionally, when someone new joins a Community, he or she will be able to see the complete chat history, which means that they won’t miss out on anything. Finally, admins can make important announcements on the group and they can pin them to the top of the chat so that all members have a chance to see them.

Nicole Hicks

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