WhatsApp To Add A New Feature To Help Users Find Desired WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp has not yet made its stickers known to all its users. However, with a new feature that will soon be added to the service, it will become easier for mobile users to find the right WhatsApp stickers for them quickly.

Thanks to the new function in WhatsApp, users will be able to enter keywords to find the desired WhatsApp stickers that they want to use in their chats. This feature is already under development for the Android version of WhatsApp. However, WABetaInfo reported that no information has yet been collected regarding the availability of the functionality on iOS.

WhatsApp already classifies its stickers by categories

Apple users will notice some similarities between this new feature and the way emoji works on iOS devices. However, instead of offering you a search function, the apple brand uses a predictive entry system to suggest the emoji you can use.

It is not to be ruled out that WhatsApp plans to follow Apple’s lead later and use the predictive entry system on its WhatsApp stickers. Similarly, the Cupertino-based tech giant may also include stickers in its features later on, although this would only duplicate emojis and could therefore only clutter up rather than serving users.

Even if the functionality is not yet installed, WhatsApp already offers users several categories of stickers. For example, in one of the classes, users can find stickers such as “surprised”, “happy,” or “sad.” To allow a better search, WhatsApp will highlight the “Favorites” and “Most Used” categories, too.

More WhatsApp stickers to come

Currently, the instant messaging app is only offering 12 official sticker packs. Therefore, choosing the sticker that best suits your discussion and emotions is not very complicated. The more stickers on WhatsApp increase, the more useful the upcoming feature will be to users.

You can also download additional stickers, but many of them are paid. Therefore, it would not be surprising if WhatsApp would add new WhatsApp stickers designed by third parties.

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