YouTube Plans To Offer Free Access To Its YouTube Originals Productions Starting With 2020

YouTube will offer users its own productions, including movies and series, free of charge thanks to an advertising-supported solution, which will be available to all users of the platform in 2020. A YouTube representative has reported the change of strategy to the US weekly Variety.

The platform owned by Google has stated that during 2019 “will continue to invest in programming with scripts and changes to make YouTube Originals, the company’s own productions, supported by advertising,” reach a wider audience. YouTube has said that this initiative “will expand the audience of YouTube Originals product creators,” and offer advertisers “incredible content that will reach the YouTube generation,” an audience of nearly 2 billion users within the platform.

YouTube’s new strategy is called “Single Slate,” and the spokesman said it would combine video-on-demand (VOD) pay-per-view solutions with free access monetized with ads.

YouTube Plans To Offer Free Access To Its YouTube Originals Productions Starting With 2020

The company’s original content, YouTube Originals, will be available free to all users, although YouTube has reported that it will keep some paid productions, such as the second season of Cobra Kai, a series inspired by the Karate Kid movies.

YouTube launched its catalog of original productions at the beginning of 2015, and since then new products have been added. Within YouTube Originals, there are series such as Foursome, Mind Field or the previously mentioned Cobra Kai. According to the publication, YouTube will include in its premium service early access to exclusive original content.

Currently, the YouTube Premium version offers the ability to view content without ads and the need for an Internet connection for $11.99 per month. This paid service has expanded to 29 countries during 2018. On the other hand, YouTube Music will cost $4.99 per month. For now, these new rates are only available in the United States, although the company plans to extend them to more countries, as well.

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