iPhone XR Is Currently The Best-Selling Device Among The iPhone 2018 Models

Apple has made it official that the iPhone XR is its most popular smartphone among the iPhone 2018 models. However, there is no indication that it sells as much as the company would like. This year, Apple released an affordable iPhone, the iPhone XR, and this move seems to be paying off already.

iPhone XR came as a bonus to the presentation of the iPhone XS and XS Max, the Cupertino-based tech giant releasing it as a more affordable, but still expensive for some, version of its latest flagships. The iPhone XR model was already anticipated as a popular device as soon as Apple announced its arrival on the market.

However, the latest reports indicated that its production had to be slowed down as a result of lower sales than the company expected. But, in total, iPhone XR scored better sales than iPhone XS and XS Max, definitely, attracting customers with its affordable price.

The iPhone XR is currently the best-selling iPhone

In an interview with CNET, Apple’s vice president of product marketing Greg Joswiak said that the iPhone XR is now the best-selling model of all the new iPhone 2018 models that Apple rolled out recently. It has been as such “since the day it was made available,” Joswiak said.

The Appel’s announcement regarding the iPhone XR sales seems to be trying to counterbalance the rumors discussing a reduction in the production of the device. Greg Joswiak, who was in a hurry to answer to CNET’s questions, did not wish to comment further about the current situation regarding the production of iPhone XR and the rumors that said that Apple is not happy with the sales the handset generated, although it’s the best-selling among the iPhone 2018 models.

As it stands so far, the fact that the iPhone XR is the most popular iPhone tends to indicate that it perfectly meets the manufacturer’s expectations.

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