Microsoft: New KB4461529 Patches Won’t Fix the Last Patches

It’s been weeks since the new Windows 10 patch started to delete the files of the users, so Microsoft wanted to fix Outlook 2010, with a November patch that pretty much made it worse.

On the 13th of November, Microsoft offered a security update, called KB4461529, which fixed four problems. These problems allowed a remote code execution when users created an Office file. This problem was then fixed for the  .msi 64-bit version of Outlook 2010 – but in the worst case – they had the program not working at all. Microsoft then told the users not to uninstall the patch, but to use the Outlook Web Access until they can properly solve the problem. So they start writing a second patch, which was released after the 21st of November. They said it would fix all the problems.

These are not the only problems

We must mention this is not the first time Outlook 2010 has problems this month. At the beginning of it, on the 6th, they released two updates, KB2863821 and KB4461522, which had the plan to fix the Japanese calendar, in order to support new ages. These new patches made the Access crash on startup. Sometimes it simply removed them.

The Japanese calendar got its idea of “ages” from China. These ages, or eras, showed the emperor’s reign. You get a new one every few years, so.maybe Microsoft wants to take this example when it tries to make software patches?

Microsoft offered Office patched before. One from the last year made the text simply disappear from the tables in Word, thing that made its users panic and overwhelm the company with complaints. The next patch gave the users similar problems. The problems were fixed in October.

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