Moto G7 Power Leaks By FCC Revealed A Powerful 5,000-mAh Battery

Motorola has been a leading mobile sales company in the mid-range market. Its great first-generation Moto G device was a turning point regarding accessible smartphones with high specifications. It seems that for next year, the Moto G7 plans to bring some improvements. Now, recent Moto G7 leaks revealed a new variant, the Moto G7 Power which would come out with a powerful battery of 5,000 mAh.

While the already launched smartphones with 4000 mAh batteries boast an excellent autonomy, we imagine that with a 5000-mAh accumulator, the next year’s Moto G7 Power would allow users to use the smartphone for a couple of days without charging.

Not many other Moto G7 Power specifications have leaked, except for its battery, measurements, cameras, and processor. Accordingly, the future Moto G7 Power would boast, besides the impressive 5000-mAh battery, a Snapdragon 632 processor, a 12-MP main camera and an 8-MP selfies camera. The device would also come out with NFC.

Moto G7 Power, along with the other two G7 devices, would be officially presented in Q1 2019

This device, whose specs have leaked online thanks to the Federal Communications Commission, measures 167mm x 159mm x 76mm, which means that it will be a relatively large device regarding size, although we do not yet know the measurement of the display.

If we consider the previous leaks regarding the Moto G7 and Moto G7 Play, whose features include an exploited screen, a notch, and mid-range specifications, we don’t expect this Moto G7 Power to differ too much regarding its specs from its “cousins.”. The only significant difference would be the more powerful 5000-mAh battery, and that would only make a big difference for those users who use their smartphones intensively.

To find out more about this Moto G7 Power, we must wait until the first quarter of 2019 when more details would be revealed by Lenovo and Moto which would also tell the release date of the new Moto G7 series.

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