Opera 57 Brings “Smart News” Based On Artificial Intelligence and Netflix Recommendations

Opera 57 is the new version of the renowned Internet browser for PC and, continuing with his unique way of bringing surprising functions, it arrives with some curious new features, including “smart news” based on artificial intelligence and Netflix recommendations.

Opera 57 Bring “Smart News” Function, Based On Artificial Intelligence

Opera 57 releases what they have called “smart news” which is the same news function incorporated within the browser, but personalized via artificial intelligence. Thus, in addition to being able to choose the type of information and even sources that are most interesting for you, Opera has added the possibility of rating the news with the typical thumbs up or thumb down, so that the system learns what the user is interested in.

Of course, to make use of “Smart News,” it is necessary to accept the new privacy agreement since the Opera artificial intelligence system needs to collect some of your data to work. However, they claim that “Opera collects completely anonymous data.”

“We only collect information about the frequency and duration of viewing articles on the personalized news page,” Opera devs stated.

Opera 57 Also Added Netflix Recommendations

Netflix recommendation is the second surprising feature that Opera 57 boasts. These recommendations are provided via The Movie Database and are adapted to the country where the users reside. So far, Opera 57 supports North American countries and most of the European states, while other countries would be supported soon.

On the other hand, the Netflix section is a section dependent on the news feature in Opera 57.

Other new features of Opera 57 include several bug fixes and technical and stability improvements. Also, there is now an option to close the anchored tabs directly without having to restore them before closing them. TThe new Opera 57 is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and is downloadable on the Opera official website.

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