BioWare General Manager Teased Dragon Age Announcement

In a new post on BioWare’s official blog, the BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson teased a Dragon Age announcement, saying that Dragon Age is a significant franchise for the studio. He also revealed that in the upcoming months we should expect an important statement that would refer to the next title in the franchise.

“If you’ve been following these blogs, or myself and Mark Darrah on Twitter, you know we’re also working on some secret Dragon Age stuff. Dragon Age is an incredibly important franchise in our studio, and we’re excited to continue its legacy. Look for more on this in the coming month, though I won’t tell you where to look,” said Casey Hudson, BioWare General Manager.

While we hope BioWare would announce the next title in the franchise, there is no information to point in that direction. However, the timing of Casey Hudson’s tease on a Dragon Age announcement is excellent, given the fact that The Game Awards is coming on December 6th.

BioWare General Manager Teased Dragon Age Announcement

For some time now, everybody has been aware that a future Dragon Age game is under development at BioWare, but the studio kept the work secret. This year, Casey Hudson came out to say that the next Dragon Age title would be focusing on the storyline and characters but will also follow the EA’s “live” model.

That would mean that the next Dragon Age title would continuously grow thanks to frequent content updates. Besides the teasing Hudson made about Dragon Age, the General Manager also announced that BioWare would also focus on developing more games for the Mass Effect universe.

The last installment in the Dragon Age franchise (and the third one, in general), Dragon Age: Inquisition rolled out in 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but also on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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