Instagram Added “Close Friends” Feature To Permit Users To Share Stories To A More Limited Group

While in June 2017 Instagram tested the new “Favorites” function that allowed users to share more but limited to a smaller group of their followers, now Instagram added “Close Friends” feature which permits people to share stories to a limited group of friends.

Practically, “Favorites” and “Close Friends” are the same thing, as “Close Friends” is, in reality, the final version of the former function which has been under testing since recently. However, “Close Friends” feature in Instagram comes out with several changes in comparison with “Favorites.”

To make use of this new function in Instagram, just open up your Stories camera within the app and take a photo or a video and, as soon as you’re done, you’ll notice a small green circle with a star inside it. When you tap that button, Instagram will redirect you to your list of close friends from where you can add people to your “inner circle.”

Instagram Added “Close Friends” Feature To Permit Users To Share Stories To A More Limited Group Of People

Also, Instagram will suggest you which friends you should add, depending on how many times you were interacting with them, while you can just use the search bar to look for specific friends in your list.

Different from the Finstagram close friends list, your followers cannot request you to add them to your new “Close Friends” list which is mainly designed for you only to permit you to share your Insta Stories to a more limited group of people. You can freely add or remove people from your lists, which is great news, too.

As more and more people move from Facebook to Instagram, every new feature in the Instagram social network is more than welcome by the users. Also, this new “Close Friends” feature helps actual friends keep in touch much closer than ever.

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