Pokemon Go Community Day Of December Comes With A Huge Surprise

Throughout 2018, Pokemon Go creators, Niantic, have introduced each month a special event where all players have had the opportunity to capture special Pokemon characters. The December Pokemon Go Community Day event is still along the same lines but would also allow us to capture all the Shiny Pokemon monsters that have appeared throughout the year.

Pokemon Go Community Day born earlier this year with the idea of thousands of Pokemon coaches gathering in parks and squares to make new friends and share the experience of hunting special Pokemon for a limited period of time during the event.

Every Community Day give the gamers the opportunity to capture Shiny Pokemon characters, during the hours of the event. Shiny Pokemon are special monsters with a different outfit and with a special move. Besides, the caches can earn bonuses such as double experience points per catch, more stellar powders, and more.

Pokemon Go Community Day Of December Allows Us To Capture All The Pokemon That Appeared During The Events Throughout 2018

The December Pokemon Go Community event will allow coaches to capture all these Shiny Pokemon with special moves that have appeared throughout the year. For this reason, this time the event will last longer than normal, from today November 30th until December 3rd. 4 days in which you will be able to evolve all of the Pokemon you grab their final stages of evolution so that they learn their exclusive attack moves.

To this day we have experienced 11 Pokemon Go Community Day events, totaling about 96 hours and offering coaches the chance to capture 11 Shiny Pokemon with special moves.

Now, thanks to December Pokemon Go Community Day, you’ll have the chance of capturing those special Pokemon monsters once again. Here’s the list of all those available Pokemon (regular name/evolution/special move):

  • Pikachu / Raichu / Surfing
  • Dratini / Dragonite / Draco Meteor
  • Bulbasaur / Venusaur / Frenzy Plant
  • Mareep / Ampharos / Dragon Pulse
  • Charmander / Charizard / Igneous Ring
  • Larvitar / Tyranitar / Antiaircraft
  • Squirtle / Blastoise / Hydro cannon
  • Eevee / All its evolutions / Last Resort
  • Chikorita / Meganium / Fierce Silver
  • Beldum / Metagross / Meteor Mash
  • Cyndaquil / Typhlosion / Igneous Ring

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