Clash of Clans December Update New Leaks and Magic Items

Supercell has announced on the official game forums that the December update is almost complete and it will soon become available. A specific date wasn’t provided but the developer mentioned some of the features and changes that will be introduced.

One of the major changes affects the way in which Magic Items stacks. After the update is installed users will not be able to store Magic Items beyond the established limit after they complete an in-game event. After reaching the full capacity users will receive a warning which notes that they do not have enough space in order to store the Magic Item. If they want to store it they will have to use or sell one of the Magic Items that is currently in their inventory.

You can wait until the end of the event before you claim the item since a button will allow you to easily collect the Magic Item when you have enough free space.

Supercell also teased new magic items and other interesting features that will be announced in the following days.

The last major update for Clash of Clans was released earlier in October. It introduced a new game mode called Clan War Leagues and the community quickly embraced it. The mode is comprised of a series of competitive leagued divided into seasons. Each season lasts for one month and competing Clans have the chance to fight their way to higher tiers and earn valuable rewards like League Medals. Those League Medals can be spent in the League Shop in order to acquire a variety if rewards, including Magic Hammers.

Magic Hammers allow players to instantly skip the time required in order to finish an upgrade for a unit or a building.

Supercell is loved by players because it manages to integrate new items without breaking the game or making them overpowered. The December update will also add a host of quality-of-life features.

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