Discover which City Clubs will compete in the Minecraft City Champs Finals

The fourth season of the Minecraft City Champs will soon conclude as the finals are close.  On December 1st four teams will participate in a furious stand-off and only one of them will come out victorious.

Reigning champions Los Angeles Shockwaves were brutally eliminated by the Las Vegas Wildcards as the latter scored an impressive 5-0 against the three-time champions. The Las Vegas Wildcards will represent the West Division and they may keep the Western winning streak on fire.

The D.C. Conspirators dueled with the Tampa Day Dungeoneers for the Southeast Division. The Tampa Bay Dungeoneers won the spot after a furious tiebreaker. Another tiebreaker awarded the spot for the Central Division to Dallas Dynamite after they defeated the rival Phoenix Blaze team.

The representative of the Northeast Division was decided in an all-in match and the New York Fury beat the Boston Revolt. They claimed the last spot for the Minecraft City Champs Finals.

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