KeepVid: Downloading Videos Was Never Easier

If you’re a TV junkie, you probably want to get to your favorite shows anytime and anywhere. There are many video streaming sites on the internet. But most of the users still prefer to have their copies, so they can watch them over and over again.

Many people already use video downloaders and converters, and this is where we’ll start talking about KeepVid. It has many features ready for you and you’ll get to download the videos that you want from various streaming platforms.

For Android

The features are definitely what makes this app so popular. KeepVid has a lot, especially for Android users who’ll get the best experience for video downloading.

Fast download

You can download from multiple platforms, like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, even Facebook. KeepVid gets the download link of the video through its URL. It has a great ability to download the videos very fast.

You can choose your own quality

There are many options available. The app lets you choose the video resolution or quality of the videos. Keep in mind that the original quality of the video will not be compromised if you choose a different option than the original. You can download them from 2K, 4K, HD and UHD.

You can download multiple videos at once

If you plan on having your own collection to binge watch later, you can use this app, as it lets you download as many videos as you want – all at once. So you won’t have to wait for one to finish, to start another one. Did we mention we’re talking about a fast download?

Search on the website

KeepVid has a built-in browser, so it’s actually easier to pick up the URL of the video that you want to download.

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