Pokémon Go: PvP Trainer Battles to Meet the Players Soon

We all know Pokemon Go is Niantic’s popular game and we come with great news: it’s about to get better! The team behind the game has revealed that the PvP trainer battles are soon to become a thing for the game. The game was released in the summer of 2016 and it soon becomes a bit among players. Since then, there’s been a lot of updates, but none seems even to give the idea of PvP elements that can allow players to fight with other trainers. However, that’s about to change just about now.

In the first year of the release, the game has made 750 million global downloads, and in summer, the money arrived as to $1.8 billion. It’s true, the number of initial players has decreased substantially since it was first released, however, the game kept being updated and came with a friends list, new pokemon additions, and even trading – so some of the players started to play again, some others only met it then for the first time.

How is the PvP going to work

The PvP is set to get back in the game even more players, and Niantic has given us a first look at how those battles are going to work. To make sure that everyone gets access to many players, there are going to be 3  Trainer Battle Leagues: Great, Ultra, and Master. However, there’s a difference between them: pokemon CP (combat points) and Great League, with 1500 CP for each Pokemon, , Ultra League at 2,500 CP for each Pokémon, and the Master League not capped at all.

Players are going to be limited to 3 pokemons for every team for Trainer Battles, and for Great and Ultra, players will have to be more strategic, and not just rely on maxed-out CP.

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