Diablo 4 Announcements Are Coming Soon, Says Blizzard

As you probably know, the last Blizzard’s BlizzCon was not really the event, so many fans of the Diablo community hoped for. While everyone was waiting for the announcement of the fourth episode in the famous franchise, Diablo 4, unfortunately, that was not the case, and Diablo Immortal was unveiled as a mobile game that will still have to prove its worthiness and convince its audience.

However, Diablo 4 is in the works, and the folks from Kotaku had very recently revealed a lot of information about it. Most important, according to Kotaku, Blizzard would publish its work on Diablo 4 soon.

From the Blizzard battle.net platform, in the topic of a forum dedicated to Diablo, the community manager Nevalistis expressed himself on the future plans of the studio. As he reported, several announcements from Blizzard are going to come out pretty soon.

Diablo 4 Announcements Are Coming Soon, Says Blizzard

“We read your feedback well, and our internal discussions are still active. We have many projects for the Diablo franchise that we will unveil in the coming year,” said Nevalistis, the Blizzard community manager on battle.net platform, about Diablo 4.

“We look forward to sharing more with you, but some will have to wait because we prefer to show them to you, rather than tell you about them. It will take some time, but now, more than ever, we are committed to providing Diablo experiences that the community can be proud of,” he added.

According to the recent information coming from Blizzard, Diablo 4 is in the works and might come out in 2019, so the Diablo franchise’s fans should look forward to the first months of the next year for several Diablo 4 announcements.

Diablo 4 has to be a great title since Diablo Immortals disappointed the Diablo franchise’s fans. Hopefully, Blizzard will come up with an astonishing fourth installment in the Diablo series.

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